For Høgskolen i Kongsvinger

Center of education in Kongsvinger (HIK) is the main education institution in The Kongsvinger Region encompassing the six municipalities Kongsvinger, Eidskog, Sør- and Nord-Odal, Åsnes and Grue. We work in close collaboration with Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and other academic institutions, the regional municipals, the regional business network association 7sterke, and other stakeholders. Our main goal is value creation in The Kongsvinger Region, and we provide education and facilitate research- and internationalization projects.


HIK has three main scientific focus areas: health, sustainability and digitalization. In the field of health we offer education in nursing science (3-year program, Bachelor’s degree, full-time) qualifying students to become licensed nurses in Norway. “Sustainable economics” constitutes a brand new Bachelor’s program (3-year, full-time) starting from fall 2020 as the first one as such in Norway. This program educates future ambassadors of the sustainability concept to redirect private companies and public sector to meet future challenges in a sustainable manner. In the case of digitalization, we offer a Master’s education entitled “Digital leadership and business analytics” (2-year program, full time and 4-year, part time). This specialization trains economists in the concepts of digitalization and business analytics while qualifying for the Master’s of Science degree. These candidates will be part of the digitalization wave reaching all corners of public- and private sector, and contribute to reshaping organizations in adapting the digital future and embracing the opportunities that lie within.


We also offer 1-year- and shorter study programs in economics and leadership, continuing educations, and courses (without study credits) in a broad variety of topics based on regional needs and requests.


Examples of projects we facilitate:

  • “University municipal Kongsvinger”: Establishing research collaboration between the municipal and academia based on projects in health, digitalization and primary school education.
  • “TelmaK”: One of the projects in University municipal Kongsvinger offering telemedicine and distance monitoring of patients with COPD living in their homes, a service using a digital service with benefits for the patients, the municipal health service and the environment. The project is subject to research from a nursing point of view in a collaboration with Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.
  • “Digitalization for a sustainable business sector in The Kongsvinger Region”: a project developing highly customized study program of mini-subjects combining digitalization and sustainability, a low-barrier offer to grow knowledge for future positioning in the regional industry/businesses.